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Autofficina Europa offers technical support for all sports cars, mainly Ferrari and Maserati.
Our services consist in:

  • Ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance
  • Trim Adjustment and wheels balancing
  • Electrical and electronic equipment repairs
  • Groups overhaul (engines, gearboxes, differentials)
  • Partial or complete restoration
  • Accessories installation and customization

Car Body

Autofficina Europa has its own body workshop with a test bench, templates, spray booth and original paints for the execution of small and large works such as repairs and reconstructions of wrecked cars


Spare Parts Warehouse

Autofficina Europa has a well-stocked warehouse of original spare parts for current and classic Ferrari and Maserati models.
Also available overhauled spare parts (engines, gearboxes, differentials, etc.)

Also availability of overhauled spare parts (engines, gearboxes, differentials, etc.)

Who we are

Autofficina Europa was founded on january 1980. From the beginning it dedicated in servicing and trade sports cars. In 1986 get the license of authorized workshop for service of Maserati and De Tomaso models and subsequently also Ferrari.
From some years Autofficina Europa has given up on Ferrari and Maserati licenses while keep providing specialized service assistance